Twin Prime Sachet Packaging Machine

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Yoga Saché Single Serve Sachet Packaging Machine - Model: Twin Prime

The automatic packaging machine Twin Prime for special single-serve Yoga Saché packets is distinctive for its reduced dimensions and compact modular system.

The design of this machine conforms with the GMP standards, Good Manufacturing Practice, and it has an advanced patented system of micrometric incision with pneumatic drive.

The packaging process is regulated by Siemens brushless motors and, thanks to the accurate systems of dosage controlled electronically, it is possible to guarantee efficient dosage of the product in packets that can contain from 1ml to 30ml of product, depending on the size chosen.


Top Features


Filling volumes from 0.5 to 30 ml. Different packet sizes available.

Average Production

Up to 2,100 unit per hour

Easy change of settings

In less than 15 minutes


Precision filling within 0.5% depending on the type of product.


Most efficient choice for different types of liquid or viscous products


For any sector: pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, foods, chemicals

Technical Data

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