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Innovation & Patents

At Yoga Saché, we prioritize protecting our processes and operating procedures through specific patents to ensure the highest standards of innovation and quality. Our machineries and technology are safeguarded to deliver exceptional performance and reliability.

Innovation & Patents
Yoga Saché - Twin Prime Sachet Packaging Machine

Patents for our machineries

Yoga Saché for Shaving Cream

Patents for special sachets

Yoga Saché Machinery


The company produces machines for patented single-portion packaging, developed in collaboration with Siemens and designed to create an innovative system that can be opened with one hand. Key applications include food products, cosmetics, medicines and pharmaceutical products, as well as chemical products.


Innovative Packaging

Our patented product showcases innovative packaging solutions that revolutionize the industry. With its one-handed opening system, it eliminates air residue inside the single-portion packet, ensuring optimal freshness. Additionally, its effective barrier properties provide exceptional performance, catering to a wide range of needs while simplifying usage for all.

Yoga Saché - Production Method

Production Method

Yoga Saché machines are capable of producing single-portion packets in various sizes and filling volumes, accommodating both liquid and powdered products. Our advanced communication system allows operators to perform maintenance activities remotely, significantly streamlining processes and enhancing efficiency.

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