Alpha Sachet Packaging Machine

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V-Shapes Single Serve Sachet Packaging Machine - Model: Alpha

The Alpha packaging machine stands out for its compact modular system, offering a variety of filling volumes and customizable layouts. Its reduced size, coupled with a robust anti-vibration frame structure made of solid cast steel, makes it unique. The machine features a 10.4-inch HMI system with a simple and intuitive user interface.

Despite its modern design, the Alpha machine houses a cutting-edge technological core of the latest generation. The incorporation of brushless motors and precise dosing systems ensures efficiency by preventing uneconomical overfills across volumes ranging from 0.2 ml to 40 ml.

Top Features


Filling volumes from 0.2 to 40 ml. Different packet sizes available.

Average Production

Up to 18,000 unit per hour

Easy change of settings

In less than 30 minutes


Precision filling within 0.5% depending on the type of product.


Most efficient choice for different types of liquid or viscous products


For any sector: pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, foods, chemicals
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